IAPETUS2 Application

IAPETUS2 Application

In order to apply to the IAPETUS2 DTP, please ensure that you have completed this brief online form AND ALSO the full PhD application(s) to the host institution(s) by the deadline of Friday 10th January 2020 at 5pm.

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  • Application
  • Equal Opportunities
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IAPETUS2 DTP Data Processing Agreement

IAPETUS2 DTP, and our partner Institutions, share a commitment to protecting the rights and privacy of our applicants and award-holders in accordance with data protection legislature.

In order to ensure our applicants are aware of how IAPETUS2 DTP will process their data for the purposes of allocating NERC funding and managing the studentships, we have provided a privacy policy detailing how and why IAPETUS2 DTP will process your data.

Please note: the information you provide will be controlled and processed by your Institution in the first instance; candidates should familiarise themselves with the Privacy Policy of their Institution.

To ensure that candidates are aware of how the DTP will process their data, we require you to tick that you agree with the policy and sign your name below.

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