My ultimate research goal is to create a framework for predicting shoreline change in a range of coastal environments in response to short-term weather events. I hope to continuously extract information about the coast and storm activity using satellite and ground-based imagery analysis and weather and wave forecasting. These conditions will then feed into a numerical model of shoreline change which will form the basis of a user-friendly, opensource software solution to predict a coastline’s response to upcoming storms that can be run regularly at a range of spatial and temporal scales by coastal managers and stakeholders. I work primarily on calibration and validation sites in Scotland, but hope to make this solution as scalable as possible so that anyone, anywhere may be armed with predictions of coastal erosion ahead of a large storm event. I developed a passion for abstracting Earth’s surface processes and using patterns in the landscape to model and predict natural hazards throughout my BSc in Geology & Physical Geography and my MSc in Geographical Information Science. I arrived at the coast as a topic after two years as the sole Research Assistant on the Dynamic Coast project, a Scottish Government-commissioned project to build up Scotland’s evidence base of past, present and future coastal change. See my Glasgow University research profile here: and latest updates on Twitter: