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Modelling coral survival in a warming world

Ecology and conservation of pangolin using stable isotope forensics

Tracking element transfer during subduction initiation using the isotopic composition of ‘chalcophile’ elements

Developing a nested, multiscale framework for modelling animal movement processes from long-term tracking data

Applying social network and personality trait analyses to understanding and managing human-macaque sympatry in urban Singapore

Linking Phanerozoic carbon cycle perturbations, mass extinctions and large igneous provinces using novel geochemical proxies

Snowguns, seesaws, and CO2: million-year to millennial climate and productivity change in the Arctic

Climate-changing volcanic eruptions from magma source to ice core archives: a sulphur isotope perspective

A call to ARMS: Monitoring polar biodiversity

Arrival of the fittest: examining the underlying mechanisms of morphological plasticity in an adaptive radiation

Epigenetics of local adaptation

How does landscape evolution control ice-sheet dynamics?

How soil characteristics affect the efficiency of energy geostructures?

Convergence or cryptic evolution: the origins of the cephalopod body plan

Transforming fractures – coupling deformation, heat and fluid flow within the Earth’s evolving oceanic lithosphere

Salt-marsh based records of Common Era relative sea-level changes from the Mediterranean

Genetic mechanisms of amphibian colour pattern and toxicity in the natural environment

Understanding coral bleaching using multi-proxy bleaching reconstruction

Time, light and sound: nocturnal predators in landscapes of the anthropocene

Critical metals and deep time: decoding the interplay of magmatism, structure and mineralization

Investigating the geomicrobiology of mercury methylation in northern peatlands

Environments of Early Agriculture: Where and When did Cultivation take place in Neolithic Catalhoyuk, Turkey?

Reproductive interference across continental scales: combining citizen science and behavioural experiments to test reproductive character displacement hypotheses

Quantifying CO2 storage in the glacial ocean

Fanning the flames: past and future links between climate change and fire activity across Siberia

Using metal stable isotopes to investigate chemical weathering of anthropogenic deposits

Coral osteoporosis: how does seawater phosphate affect the calcification of tropical marine corals?

Novel reconstructions of seawater chemistry and CO2 over the last 100 Myr

The Southern Ocean’s role in CO2 change

Rivers on ice: do supraglacial streams evolve like bedrock rivers?

Healthy peat microbiota

Exploring the genetic and dietary mechanisms of urban/rural divergence in a potentially self-domesticating animal


Shrubification in a changing High Arctic

Experimental Analysis and Modelling of Landslides and its Impacts on Infrastructure

Microbial thiocyanate biodegradation: an unexplored nexus for the sulphur, nitrogen and carbon biogeochemical cycles

Achondrite meteorites as snapshots of Earth’s earliest history

Mandrills and microbes: The role of the skin microbiome in primate communication

Future Biofouling and anti-biofouling strategies

Flowpath identification in a Swiss mountain catchment using natural solutes and stable water isotopes

Assessing the role of submarine volcanism in driving biogeochemical cycles on the early Earth

Coupled CO2 and oxygen change over the last 100 Myr

Deep beneath the Ice: Seismic Imaging of the Antarctic mantle

Valuing neo-native species. Is naturalised Scots pine a threat or benefit for climate resilience?

Maximising greenhouse gas sequestration in the UK uplands

Pink salmon invasions in the UK: origins and impacts

People or Environment: Elucidating the causal factors of the Scottish pine decline in the mid-Holocene

Iceberg Calving in West Antarctica

From molecules to populations: the genomic legacy of historic pollution on freshwater fish

Exploring adaptive microbiome variation in sticklebacks from geothermally-heated populations

Tracking past sea level and environmental changes via novel isotope geochemistry

Natural atmospheric CO2 mineralisation in unexpected places

Continental heatwaves in a changing climate

Dissecting the evolutionary ecology of a unique secondary endosymbiosis.