Studentship projects for cohort 2022/23.

Available studentships for the 2022/23 cohort will be added here throughout September, October and November 2021. Applications will open in mid October 2022.

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  • IAP-21-200 – Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures: Evaluating Biodiversity in polar areas (Antarctica and Arctic)
  • IAP-21-201 – Drivers of extreme high temperature events over coastal Antarctica
  • IAP-21-202 – Convergence or cryptic evolution? The origins of the cephalopod body plan
  • IAP-21-204 – Importance of trophodynamics and functional traits in the structure of macrobenthic Southern Ocean shelf communities under methane seepage influence
  • IAP-21-206 – Bioremediation of perfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS)
  • IAP-21-207 – Using metal isotopic compositions to track near surface hydrologic cycling of anthropogenic inputs in North East England
  • IAP-21-208 – Deep beneath the Ice: Seismic Imaging of the Antarctic mantle
  • IAP-21-211 – ‘Manure trading’: a novel socio-economic lever to promote effective diffuse pollution management in agricultural catchments?
  • IAP-21-212 – Assessing the environmental and ecological drives of interannual variability in the life histories and population dynamics of icefishes (Family Channichthyidae) around the sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia.
  • IAP-21-213 – Delivering food from forests: integrating understanding across trees, fungi and soils to raise speciality crops in forest plantations
  • IAP2-20-048 – Epigenetics of local adaptation
  • IAP2-20-057 – Citizen science and the ecology of garden birds and mammals